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I’m thinking… maybe you and I could partner up.

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I wonder if this scene should be categorized as Gary challenges Kieren, or Simon challenges Kieren!

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"I had no choice. I did it to protect the boys. Or to protect myself. I -I don’t know anymore."

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In Greek mythology, ATLAS is the personified quality of endurance. In one tradition, Atlas led the Titanes in a rebellion against Zeus and was condemned to bear the heavens upon his shoulders. In another, he was said to have been appointed guardian of the pillars which held earth and sky asunder. He was also the god who instructed mankind in the art of astronomy, a tool which was used by sailors in navigation and farmers in measuring the seasons. These roles were often combined and Atlas becomes the god who turns the heaven on their axis, causing the stars to revolve. 

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the new Peter Pan and Wendy of the new movie, currently being filmed, Pan (2015).

Levi Miller and Leni Zieglmeier

(due for release 17th of July, 1015)


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